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Retail Investment

With ever-increasing individual clientele, Joindre is equipped to offer best service at most competitive rates. Supporting for long-term wealth creation is our goal.

The client account is opened within two working days provided all the items in checklist are complied with. You will be allotted client code, which you need to mention when you want to trade.

Institutional Broking

Joindre is on the panel of several financial institutions, mutual funds and banks. We offer best service for their buying and selling of stocks, securities and derivative products.

The clients have gained confidence in Joindre for excellent dealing and execution capabilities.


Trading in Future and Options contracts provide excellent opportunity for the investors wanting to take protection from market volatility and adverse price changes.

Similarly short-term traders having interests in speculation and arbitrage can take benefit through calculated risk.

Index futures are the best choices for beginners to enter the Derivative Segment where they can have facility of keeping open positions for upto 3 months.

Mutual Fund

Joindre provides you with range of mutual funds to suit your investment needs. You can contact on Our No. 40334567 or mail us on shuklaap@joindre.com for assistance.


Joindre provides you with every IPO offer. For assistance you can contact on Our No. 40334567 or mail us on shuklaap@joindre.com.

Internet Trading

Joindre provides you with Internet based trading for various segments viz. NSE CM, NSE F&O, BSE CM. (MCX and NCDEX – under process)

Using latest technology, Joindre offers you impeccable service in term of timely execution of orders, payin/payout and depositary services.


Joindre has a strong research team, which give you timely research reports about stock markets and support you in making decision at the right time.

Looking to your investment need, we offer you fundamental and technical research. Being a valuable client of Joindre, you will have access to many research services as give below:

  • Intraday calls

    Our experts will advice you with updated market situations and changing perspectives These calls will give you latest information during market hours.

  • SMS Alerts

    We offer SMS of recommendations during market hours.

  • Daily Technical View

    Our research team will bring you the report of previous day’s movement and expected market situation on the current day. Accurate technical calls will give you a clear idea about resistance and support of selected stocks.

  • Weekly Research Report

    Our Weekly Research and Analysis will give you a complete summary and happenings of the week gone by along with review and recommendations. The report includes every aspect of stock & commodity market.

  • Portfolio Advice

    Our experts can give you your portfolio analysis along with recommendations

Depository Services

Joindre Capital Services Ltd. is registered with Central Depository Services Limited to provide you with excellent Depository Services.

FAQ in Depository:

1. What is a depository?

A depository is a facility for holding securities, which enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry. To achieve this purpose, the depository may immobilize the securities or dematerialise them (so that they exist only as electronic records).' India has chosen the dematerialisation route. In India, a depository is an organisation, which holds the beneficial owner's securities in electronic form, through a registered Depository Participant (DP). A depository functions somewhat similar to a commercial bank. To avail of the services offered by a depository, the investor has to open an account with it through a registered DP.

2. What is dematerialisation?

Dematerialisation is a process by which physical certificates are converted into electronic form.

3. Who is a Beneficial Owner (BO)?

"Beneficial Owner" is a person in whose name a demat account is opened with CDSL for the purpose of holding securities in the electronic form and whose name is recorded as such with CDSL.

4. Who is a Depository Participant?

A Depository Participant (DP) is an agent of the depository who is authorised to offer depository services to investors. Financial institutions, banks, custodians and stockbrokers complying with the requirements prescribed by SEBI/ Depositories can be registered as DP. Further information on DP, can be accessed from CDSL's web site www.cdslindia.com

5. Who is an Issuer?

Issuer means any entity making an issue of securities.

6. What is an ISIN?

ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is the identification number given to a security of an issuer at the time of admitting such security in the depository system.

7. Whether different securities issued by the same Issuer will have same ISIN?

No, different securities issued by the same issuer will have different ISINs.

8. What services are provided by a DP?

Following services can be availed of through a DP: · Dematerialisation i.e. converting physical securities into electronic form. · Rematerialisation, i.e. converting electronic securities balances in a BO account into physical form. · To maintain record of holdings in the electronic form. · Settlement of trades by delivering/ receiving underlying securities from/in BO accounts. · Settlement of off-market trades i.e. transactions between BOs entered outside the Stock Exchange. · Providing electronic credit in respect of securities allotted by issuers under IPO or otherwise. · Receiving on behalf of demat account holders non-cash corporate benefits, such as, allotment of bonus and rights shares in electronic form or securities ensuing upon consolidation, stock split or merger/amalgamation of companies. · Pledging of dematerialised securities. · Facilitating Securities Lending and Borrowing, if the DP is registered as an "Approved Intermediary" for the purpose.

Commodity Markets with MCX and NCDEX

Joindre Commodities Ltd. is member of MCX and NCDEX and provides you best facilities to trade on these exchanges.

Also visit MCX and NCDEX websites.

Ask Us

Joindre’s response team is at your service to answer any questions you have about:

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